The New World

From the moment he opened his eyes, he knew the world would never be the same. Grief sunk into his heart, weighed down his soul. It was a deeper sense of understanding, he felt it in his bones. The world was already a scary place, but something had changed. The funny thing about change is that once it happens, it can’t be undone.

He wanted to go outside, but anxiety held him back. How was he to go on? This wasn’t the first time change had rendered him immobile. But this was different. He wasn’t going through this alone: a thought that was once reassuring now seemed heavy. There was always a comfort in being still while the world went on. But things are different now, everyone and everything feels this shift. What was first a relief has become a burden, a growing mass of uncertainty inside him.

Moving on isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. Although this feels different from all the past changes that cracked his foundation, that was always the case. Change is always raw. He doesn’t want to accept the change, but he needs to to survive.

Welcome to the new world.

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