Just Keep Stepping

I feel useless, but I know I’m valuable.
I feel motivated, yet I’m paralyzed.
I know what I need to do, but can’t take a step.
I feel so heavy and also eager to move.
I feel confused, head full of paradoxes.
I want to progress, but feel restricted.
I want to thrive but feel like I’m drowning.
It’s hard being me, too many expectations.
I want so much for me, it’s suffocating.
Feel restless, the need to express myself.
Where the fuck do I begin?
I’m writing this to take that first step.
Not really sure where I’m going.
I think I know what I want, but doubts fill my head.
Just need to keep stepping.
I feel exhausted, but need to keep going.
Just keep stepping.

Fuck this staircase is long, how high does it go?
I strain my head to look up, steps fade into the distance.
Too many steps, why even take one more?
I turn around, look down at the steps I’ve already stepped.
I’ve come so far, much farther than I thought I could.
I can’t always look up the endless staircase, it’s too much.
I need to take a break, sit on this step for a while.
Take a breath and look around.
I trip sometimes, fall down a few steps.
Fuck, sometimes I just keep falling.
Feels like I reach the bottom of the staircase sometimes.
This fucking endless staircase.
But I just keep stepping.

Just keep stepping.

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