Another Self Pep Talk

Hey Dave, how’s it going? It’s me again, that voice in your head. It feels good to check in, doesn’t it? You know you missed me! It’s time for another pep talk, are you ready?

You are the shit, you know it. You’ve got this, I don’t doubt it. Anything obstacle in your way, you’ll conquer it. Any problem, you can solve it. I don’t want to hear any excuses, because you know they’re false. There is NO reason why you can’t do this. No reason why you can’t make whatever you want a reality. You have everything you need. You ARE enough. You will keep growing. Keep learning. Keep changing. You have everything you need. I’ll say it again. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. What are you waiting for? Just do it. Rule it. Fucking own it. You’ve got this. I know it because I AM you. I can be that little voice in your head or the loud booming voice you cannot ignore, always cheering you on. Don’t silence me. I am you, and I will make you succeed.

I know you’re scared. I know you don’t want to fail. I know you don’t want to let anyone else down. The only way you’ll let anyone down is if you don’t try. Just show up, do you’re best and you’ll make it happen. Fail. Failing is one of the most valuable lessons you will learn. Fall on your face. Really fuck up. Good. Now you can learn from your mistakes and keep going. The more you fail the more you will learn. Fail more. Learn more.

Don’t give up. Keep going. Ask for help, there’s no shame in getting support. Be vulnerable. Show your flaws. Break down. Cry. Be everything and show it all. Be proud of your emotions, they make you who you are. You are powerful. Emotions are power. You are so powerful, own it all.

Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Take time to yourself. Reflect. Be alone. You deserve it. No matter what happens, just show up. Try. Be the best damn Dave you can be. You have fucking got this.

Live your life, and feel everything.

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